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Do you have a sweet tooth?  Do you like to taste as well as touch?  With Skins flavoured condoms, you can give your partner the tantalising thrill of oral pleasure, and savour the sweet flavour of your favourite fruits, smooth chocolate or mouth-watering bubble gum.  Fun foreplay comes in a variety of flavours which will satisfy your taste buds while you satisfy your man.  

With Skins condoms, you can always play safe, and enjoy the warm, tingling sensation of great sex.  Skins condoms are designed to feel like a second skin and mimic the unmistakable feeling of skin-to-skin contact.  They are also reassuringly strong, and well lubricated so you can enjoy added comfort, glide and sensitivity while practicing safe sex.

Fun is never in short supply, so make sure your condoms aren't either!  Any night could be your lucky night, so make sure you don't get caught short without the necessary accessories for a happy ending.  All you need to do is select your size, flavour or texture from our skins range, and Just Passion will deliver your discretely packaged condoms straight to your doorstep.  So what are you waiting for?  Place your order with Just Passion today.