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You can always play safe and still enjoy the warm, throbbing sensation of great sex, with our impressive range of Skins and durex condoms.  These condoms are designed to feel like a second skin, for added comfort and sensation, while still being strong and very well lubricated to make sure that you can enjoy all the fun of great sex.  And with our impressive range of colours, flavours, and sizes, you can be sure to find the perfect condom in our Skins and durex collection.  

If you like to taste and tease,why not try something quirky from our flavoured Condoms.  Enhance your partner's pleasure with ribbed condoms or dotted condoms,  and with our natural or ultra thin condom range, you will swear it's the real thing!  These products are available in a range of sizes, textures, flavours and colours, our selection of Skins and durex condoms are the ultimate safe sex companion for intense sensation, performance enhancement, delay and protection. 

Whether you want to try something a little different, or you prefer something more conventional, you are guaranteed to find your perfect product with our selection of Skins and durex condoms.  When it comes to condoms, Just Passion will not compromise on quality, so we only supply reputable brands which you can trust.  Remember, no glove, no love!  Any night could be your lucky night, so place your order with Just Passion today, and your discretely packaged supply of Skins or durex condoms will arrive at your doorstep in no time.  

  • Skins Dots & Ribs Condom

    Enhance the pleasure and intensify the sensation with Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms.

  • Skins Flavoured Condoms

    Sugar is sweet and sex can be even sweeter, with Skins flavoured condom selection.

  • Skins Ultra Thin Condoms

    For maximum sensation, try Skins Ultra Thin Condoms.

  • Skins Assorted Condoms

    If variety is what you crave, spice up your sex life with Skins Assorted Condom selection.

  • Skins Natural Condoms

    For a natural feel without the latex smell, try Skins Natural Condoms.

  • Skins Extra Large Condoms

    Big boys need love too! If you're lunch box is larger than average, try Skins Extra Large Condoms.

  • Durex Condoms

    One of the leading brands for quality and variety, durex condom range provides everything you need to guarantee pleasure in abundance, intense sensation and maximum safety.

  • Skins Language Condoms Packs