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Welcome to the Devil’s Corner.  A place where your most devilishly erotic fantasies are brought to life.  Lay back and indulge your senses with short stories and sexy editorials that will leave you weak at the knees and desperately seeking satisfaction.

Visit The Devil’s Corner for exciting tales of mischief and sexual exploration.  Delve into the devious delights of our resident writer Paul Michael Campbell, author of the seductively sinister‘Devil’s Tea Party’thriller, and unleash the naughty little Devil trapped inside you!

Everybody has a weakness.  It could be gambling, porn, or a dangerously addictive tipple that causes you to toss caution into the wind.  Abigail’s weakness was wine.  Red wine to be more specific, and a glass or two was all it took to transform her from a respectable Dr Jekyll, into a monstrous Mr Hyde.
She was no floosy, and the thought of being labelled ‘cheap’ or ‘easy’ made her feel sick to her stomach.  She believed that sex was a gift.  Her precious little prize, awarded to those with whom she had established a deep connection.  However, for the fortunate few who broke through her defences, pleasure in abundance was their reward.
Abigail was wildly inventive.  She viewed each sexual partner as an undiscovered country full of intriguing new regions for her to explore.  For the men she welcomed into her bed, her insatiable appetite for pleasure was…

He is the weakness in my knees, and the flutter of tiny wings in the pit of my stomach.  He is the only man who has ever truly satisfied me, but he is not here.  He fled one night, to risk his life on the battlefield of a hostile foreign land.  As I lay on my bed, consumed by loneliness, my mind is filled with images of a passionate encounter with my absent lover.

I press my eyelids shut and think of all of the pleasures that have escaped me since his departure.  I run my tongue across my lips, recalling the sweet taste of his tender kiss.  I shiver with delight as I imagine the many ways in which I long to be touched.

A faint sound in the distance pulls me from my lucid fantasy.  As I gaze out of my window into the moon tinted darkness, I…

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Just Passion
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